‘TIRED AND THIRSTY? IF AT ALL PECULIAR, DRINK MOXIE.’ Please enjoy these photos of a wonderful collection of Moxie promotional-garments, circa 1905, of the variety worn by concession-stand vendors at sporting events, industry conventions, city parades, and Houdini-escapes. Created in … Continue reading

February 20, 2016 | Categories: news

“Western Swingers Hawking Wares.”

We were thrilled to recently discover this publicity-photo of the Reliance Manufacturing Company’s in-house band ‘Uncle Buster and his Big Yank Boys’. The group, a hillbilly ensemble, was active during the mid-1930s, when country music was a programming-mainstay from New … Continue reading

April 10, 2015 | Categories: news

“1930s ‘Fitz’ Promotional Items.”

  These two items are typical promotional give-aways of the Great Depression era. The beanie cap, cheaply manufactured from an ultra-thin (practically see-thru) contrasting red and white canvas, is reminiscent of both the old-fashioned prep school skullcap and the Jewish … Continue reading

February 5, 2015 | Categories: news


Americans have a long-standing tradition of defacing their own clothing with imagery both crude and elegant. From the scrawled-upon collegiate Beer Jackets of the Roaring 20s – to the heroically painted USAAF A-2 bomber jackets of World War Two – … Continue reading

January 23, 2015 | Categories: news


This Athletic Club t-shirt dates back to roughly 1910, and features the primitive, wide-necked, straight-shouldered pattern that would go largely unchanged from roughly 1900 to 1950. More important than the shirt’s early vintage is its label itself, which harkens back … Continue reading

November 17, 2014 | Categories: news

Victorian Tattooed Man carte-de-visite:

This striking, sepia-toned photograph of popular sideshow attraction George Karlavagn dates back to approximately 1895 and was produced at the Obermuller and Kern studio of the Bowery (who were famous for their many portraits of freaks, western stars, and glamorous … Continue reading

November 6, 2014 | Categories: news

1940s Tuskeegee Institute Safari-style Jacket

This belted cotton-whipcord jacket features bellowed pockets, large bakelite buttons, and bold, powerful chain-stitched artwork. More importantly, it is a relic of the Tuskeegee Institute of Alabama, an African-American university both famous for its celebrated fighter-pilots of WWII and infamous … Continue reading

October 31, 2014 | Categories: news

Standard Prints of the World

A beautiful Early American Prints catalog page. Used by retailers and cutters for making fabric selections. “American Prints are strictly staple in the sense that they are saleable the year ’round and in steady demand for uses to which higher … Continue reading

October 3, 2014 | Categories: news

Paul Sings Songs of Love

Did you know Paul Anka wrote the theme song for “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson”, Tom Jones’ “She’s a Lady” and the Frank Sinatra made famous, “My Way?” Well, we didn’t either but I bet the fan who made … Continue reading

“The Longshoreman” a tale of Sweet Orr & Co

Beautiful Sweet Orr flip open card. Great colors, graphics and cheeky poetry on this vintage marketing piece. “I work each day from morn till night, my clothes ne’er rip, they’re always right, for now I hoist the freight and stow, … Continue reading

July 14, 2014 | Categories: news

The Antiques Garage

The Antiques Garage has been a favorite hunting ground for vintage shoppers and dealers alike since 1994. Its humble digs houses over 100 fine antique dealers hoarding treasures collected around the world. Sadly, this true find of a place is … Continue reading

June 30, 2014 | Categories: news

C.C. Filson Catalog

  A beautiful catalog from one of America’s historic outfitters. Really nice to see how long some of their contemporary offerings have been around. The catalog is not dated but $7.00 sweaters give us some example of it’s likely age. … Continue reading

June 23, 2014 | Categories: news

American Wholesale Corporation Catalog

We came across these early catalog pages from the American Wholesale Corporation, advertising Gibraltar work wear. American Wholesale operated out of Baltimore, MD and was founded by Lithuanian immigrant Jacob Epstein in 1881. Until 1919 they were known as the … Continue reading

May 26, 2014 | Categories: news

“The shirt that satisfies”

We love the color and design of this Robust shirt box. Beautiful hand drawn graphics and rich inks create an artwork of packaging. Hard working men wearing hard working shirts. This box originally contained a half dozen shirts. “Triple Stitch … Continue reading

May 2, 2014 | Categories: news

“Janet West, Experienced Hooker.”

Janet West, a longtime friend of Stock, is not only one of New York City’s premiere antique dealers. but also a visionary artist. The daughter of a cartoonist father, her chosen medium is the hook rug (or ragrug), a uniquely … Continue reading

March 27, 2014 | Categories: news

“Feder Silberberg & Co. Door-Stopper.”

This large, cast bronze promotional door-stopper dates back to around 1895. Mezuzah-like in form, it features the surprisingly crude rendering of a double-breatsed Chesterfield coat and hawks its manufacturers as ‘Celebrated clothing makers’. Even a cursory Google search of Feder Silberberg … Continue reading

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“Tattooed sweatshirt.”

This double-v, clerical collared sweatshirt from 1930 features one of the greatest collections of hand-drawn graphics we’ve ever seen one one garment. Included amongst many signatures is a bloody knife, a skull and crossbones, a tombstone, and numerous pin-up girls. … Continue reading

February 13, 2014 | Categories: news

“Hirth – Krause Audible Paper Boot”

  This sleek, handsome hi-top shoe is actually a die-cut paper noisemaker given out as a promotional item circa 1920. Continue reading…

January 19, 2014 | Categories: news

Lids Galore

  It’s a sad state of affairs when the only topper most Americans own is a garishly-colored baseball cap. We’ve long been interested in headgear of all varieties, and take special care to make sure we always have a deep … Continue reading

January 10, 2014 | Categories: news

1910s boy’s light grey covert playsuit

New to this store is this very unusual Little Tudor brand (Dubuque, Iowa) playsuit from around WWI. It is entirely single-stitched and features a most unusual collar which is virtually the same in the front as it is in the … Continue reading

October 15, 2013 | Categories: news

Jason Bard Yarmosky opening, October 3rd!

Attention, friends of Stock! Please join us in celebrating Jason Bard Yarmosky’s new solo exhibition, ‘Dream of the Soft Look’ at the Bertrand Delacroix Gallery this October 3rd (535 West 25th Street) 6-8 PM. Jason is not only one of … Continue reading

October 1, 2013 | Categories: news

Hippie denim

We’ve recently been exploring the world of custom embroidered/rearranged denim of the late 60s and early 70s, one of the few areas of men’s vintage clothing that has not yet been milked to death. New to the store is this … Continue reading

September 27, 2013 | Categories: news

Dove grey American derby

New to the store is this elegant derby circa 1900. High-crowned and heavily-starched, the hat is made from a lightweight wool that resembles gunmetal, and features a ventilated roan sweatband, sun-shaped crown perforations, and an early United Hatters of North … Continue reading

September 26, 2013 | Categories: news

Logger With Unkempt Hair and Western Shirt, Circa 1895

Last week we picked up this beautiful workingman’s shirt, circa 1895. It’s condition is superb, the thin, coarse wool retaining its rich scarlet dye and all of its shell buttons are present and un-chipped. The shirt features an extremely crisp, … Continue reading

September 10, 2013 | Categories: news

Skull Patches

To us, the ultimate men’s accessory is a Smith & Wesson .38 snubnose. Unfortunately, we’re not legally permitted to sell them. We recently acquired an amazing grouping of the next best thing: antique skull patches. These date from roughly 1910 … Continue reading

August 30, 2013 | Categories: news

Website Team

Big thanks from the Stock team to Brett Kilroe and Tina Ibañez from Runner Collective for finally dragging us, albeit kicking and screaming, into the 21st Century!
www.tinaibanez.com / www.kilroewashere.com Continue reading

August 6, 2013 | Categories: news

Women’s Selection

Since opening our doors in June, 2006, Stock has provided primarily men’s attire. Due to an ever-increasing demand, we’ve recently installed a rack of vintage women’s goods. Continue reading

August 5, 2013 | Categories: news

Tiger Moody

Tiger Moody was born on the wrong side of the tracks in Anytown, USA. After years of drifting, he settled in the Lower East Side where his opinion of the world continued to deteriorate. He spends his days rendering his … Continue reading

August 1, 2013 | Categories: news


There aren’t too many modern fashion magazines that we approve of, but Clutch from Japan rates the official Stock seal of approval. Continue reading

July 29, 2013 | Categories: news


Our friend Myriam Santos has been a leading force in rock portraiture over the past two decades, having shot album covers for everyone from David Bowie to Willie Nelson.  A well-kept secret is that she is also the world’s greatest … Continue reading

July 25, 2013 | Categories: news


On November 8th, 2012, Melissa Howard curated a one-night exhibition featuring period photographs of laborers circa 1885-1920, all from her personal collection. The exhibition was held in a storefront that has remained largely unchanged since 1850. Despite the lingering effects of Hurricane Sandy, the event was remarkably well-attended by many of the Store’s regular customers and friends. Continue reading

July 22, 2013 | Categories: news