“Western Swingers Hawking Wares.”

April 10, 2015 | Categories: news


We were thrilled to recently discover this publicity-photo of the Reliance Manufacturing Company’s in-house band ‘Uncle Buster and his Big Yank Boys’. The group, a hillbilly ensemble, was active during the mid-1930s, when country music was a programming-mainstay from New York to California. Note their dapper get-ups, the tops of which are embroidered variants of the famous Big Yank ‘big pocket-little pocket’ shirts. Later, WWII’s fabric-rationing removed the flap from the patented ‘sweat-proof’ cigarette pockets and replaced its straight-top with a triangular ‘mountain’ shape. It’s amazing to ponder, but today those old $1.49 workshirts would fetch a price roughly equal to those beautiful archtop electric guitars. If they only knew…

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